School of Ministry

Equipping Believers for Effective Service

6 Month Training for Practical Ministry

Faculty Includes Seasoned Global Ministry Leaders

Content Includes:

  • Understanding the Gospel
  • Foundational Teachings of Christian Faith
  • Sharing Your Faith and Making Disciples
  • The Heart and Art of Ministry
  • Relationship Dynamics in Ministry
  • Leadership in Ministry
  • Kingdom Table Manners
  • Principles of Bible Interpretation and Teaching
  • Trans-Generational and Multi-Cultural Ministry
  • Handling Difficult Issues and Questions of Faith
  • Five-Fold Ministry Intelligence
  • And Lots More

Participants Will Benefit From:

  • Six Month Weekly Virtual Teaching and Coaching Contact with Our Faculty
  • Access to Over 3500 Training Videos and Other Materials by World Renowned Leaders
  • Opportunity for Practical Ministry Placement
  • Peer Mentorship

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