You can be part of any our events whenever possible. We hold different events in different cities across the world. All our meetings are first rate and aimed at impacting and transforming you and your organisation through unparalleled information, revelation, inspirations.  You can always know about current conferences on this page or through subscription to our news letter for email updates.

Leadership & Royalty Conferences (LRC)

Our Leadership & Royalty Conferences (LRC) has held in the city of Birmingham since August 2015 and has grown from strength to strength since then. The LRC is a Leadership Training and Networking event for leaders and emerging leaders from different walks of life. While the principles taught are based on biblical foundations, everyone can benefit greatly from the conferences.

  • Learn
  • Network
  • Get Information, Inspiration and Revelation to be all you can be

The next LRC will be:

Special School of Ministry

It is a platform to train and equip people using timeless biblical principles for practical leadership within and outside the Church. We are passionate about building a generation that is heavenly focused and earthly relevant. We take a view of Leadership as what everyone needs and can develop irrespective of where they are in their life journeys.

The next summer LRC is scheduled to hold on Saturday 8th July 2017 (10-2PM). The next conference will be a special “School of Ministry”. The big picture is to awaken believers at all levels to the consciousness of our individual and collective roles in the work of the ministry. We will aim to explore issues such as:

  • What is ministry?
  • Who is a minister? (The short answer is every believer is a minister
  • How can a believer decipher their place in ministry? (This is important since “every believer is a minister”)
  • What are the basic principles for effective ministry?
  • How do we build and sustain productive systems for ministry?
  • How do we offer qualitative and excellent ministries?
  • And lots more


Next LRC is Saturday 8th July 2017 @The LightHouse, Aston, Birmingham, B19 2LN, United Kingdom (9:30AM- 3PM)