About Us

Full Options Impact is a non-denominational ministry with focus on impacting lives and transforming the communities. We are persuaded to commit to first rate learning, practicing and witnessing of God’s Leadership. We encourage and challenge individuals and organisations to dream God’s kind of dream as well as pursuing such visions. Our passion is to see many embrace God’s love and become earthly relevant while being focused on heaven.

We are convinced that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a full package capable of having positive influence on all aspects of human endeavors (Matthew 5:13-16; Rev 5:10-12).

Mission Statement

Nurturing Leaders, Impacting Lives & Transforming the Communities

Vision Statement

We are God-hearted organisation committed to refining and deploying all resources and options available to us in making positive impact in individuals, organisations and communities; as God’s mouthpiece, we teach, preach & train with a contemporary approach and as His hands, we touch by meeting human needs.

Our Core Values

  • Worship: God is our Source and Sustainer and we use every opportunity to acknowledge our desperation for Him in all our affairs and to confess His principal position in our lives and ministry. God is the only pillar of this ministry and we all are privileged channels of His Grace. We value and honor people but we worship God alone.
  • People: The reason God called us is to be a blessing to people. People are extremely precious to God and so they are to us; at the heart of all our activities is blessing humanity through the power of divinity. We touch God for mankind as well as touching mankind for God. People are God’s implausible treasures and not mere statistics.
  • Excellence: The God of the call has Graced us to excel in every sense of the word. We have commitment to giving the best always and be an example of royalty in all we do. We must always break our own records as well as setting pace for others to follow. In all we do, there is the consciousness that we are trail blazers, and leader labels.
  • Integrity: Our character must reflect the gospel we represent in private and in public. We are God’s epistle to the world and cannot afford to live short of God’s sure standard. The heart, art and acts of ministry must flow together.
  • Scholarship: We are a learning organisation with commitment to creating great learning experiences for people and organisations we serve.

Ojele Ademu, the President of Full Options Impact