About Ojele Ademu

Ojele Ademu,  is an Apostle of Jesus Christ to the Nations. He has a specific mandate to raise a breed of people with heavenly focus and earthly relevance. He commits to making disciples of peoples as well as turning disciples to ministers and leaders. Ojele is driven by the anointing, the Wisdom and the Passion to make people dream God’s kind of dreams for their lives and wake them up to its realities.

Ojele is an astute Leadership Developer, Itinerant Minister, Trainer & Life Coach, Consultant and a Transformational Speaker per excellence. His principal life anchor revolves around value creation for individuals and organisations.

In his role as a minister and speaker, Oj enjoys an exceptional Grace of expression and writing on the tablets of human hearts. He speaks regularly in leadership and discipleship inclined meetings, revival meetings, Youth conferences, church worship services and conventions. He commits to teaching and preaching the word of God with power and in a fashion that can be applied to every day issues. Oj’s passion for his calling has impacted people from different parts of the world within the past two decades. He has a dream to make other people’s dreams work.

Oj, has been privilege to be involved in ministry as a pastor, missionary, leadership developer/trainer and coach for the last two decades. Oj likes to read and be read and has authored a few books including “The Edge of Leadership.”

He is happily married to Inikpi Ademu and they are blessed with two adorable sons.

Ojele consults and speaks on a subjects as shown in the link.

Ojele Ademu with Inikpi Ademu

Ojele Ademu with Inikpi Ademu